Bluebird Ville Cleaning Services has been providing domestic and commercial cleaning and fumigation services throughout Accra, Ghana since 2011. Our fully insured and bonded office cleaning professionals will provide thorough surface cleaning of all areas including computers, desk tops, counters, files, partitions – all surfaces will be wiped clean. The office cleaning service also includes general cleaning in kitchen area, perfect cleaning of lavatory facilities including replenishing soaps, C fold towels, etc., and they will remove trash from all areas and replace liners.
Our office cleaning service can also provide specialized cleanings, including post- construction, renovation and after paint cleaning, moving-in and moving-out office cleaning, and other heavy commercial cleaning services.
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With over 25 clients in Accra and Tema, Bluebird Ville Cleaning Services (BVCS) is among the successful privately-owned commercial cleaning company in Ghana.
Since inception in 2011, we have grown a considerably large work force servicing many of Ghana’s well-known companies and Organizations.
In every aspect of our business, we strive to earn and keep the trust our clients give us when they choose Bluebird Ville Cleaning Services as their cleaning provider.
Thank you for considering using our organization.
We are a full-service cleaning and fumigation company, was established in 2011 and all our employees are bonded and fully insured. We offer a wide variety of services.
All cleaning and maintenance staffs are trained professionals. Service is provided seven days a week at hours that correspond with your needs. Our rates are comparable to or lower than those of other companies and we provide on-site supervision of the cleaning staff at no extra charge to you.


• Homes
• General Offices
• Schools
• Churches
• Financial Institutions
• Healthcare Facilities
• Properties etc


As cleaning specialists, we believe that our service role incorporates the
following responsibilities:
 To have professional know-how in terms of housekeeping / cleaning objectives.
We believe that this is the very first requirement of our service role. Having the expertise to understand
the objectives and to fulfill them, requires specialist knowledge and experience. Knowing;
– What to do, HOW to do it, When to do it, Using which chemicals, which methods, Which
equipment and Working to what plan.
As a minimum these our objectives are:

  • To maintain Health, Hygiene and Safety
  • To preserve surfaces, finishes and fittings
  • To maintain appearance levels.
  • To enhance the image of the clients organization through our work, our people and our attitudes

Cleaning Process

  • Tour space and analyze needs
  • Develop customized cleaning schedule and proposal
  • Agree upon terms and prepare contract
  • Assign cleaning crew to location
  • Create cleaning checklist for crew Provide onsite control log
  • Provide 100% guaranteed quality service

Proper planning of required tasks, developing work site procedure and detailed Job Schedules is the starting point for operations. This ensures that all contractual and service objectives are built in and planned for. Staffs are introduced to these as part of the site-specific training and are then accessed against these for Qualification and ongoing performance monitoring.
We find that detailed and specific instructions leave little room for confusion and ensure that detailed work and periodic work take place (quality). This is a vital step in the achievement of our service objectives. Ongoing audits and inspections by Supervisors and Management with feedback to staff, corrective action or recognition, reinforce desired behavior and install a consistently high standard. For example, all areas are inspected, graded (good, fair, poor) and instant feedback given to staff and are followed up on.
We believe that employee satisfaction is vital for the achievement of our service excellence and customer satisfaction!
Our Service Philosophy
…the demand for our service exists because we can offer the client a means of consistently achieving housekeeping/cleaning objectives, in the most cost effective manner, without the day to day hassle, so that they can focus on their main activity.
Cleaning is our core business, achieving these objectives is our priority. Recognition from our customers on the success of our implementation has been and will remain our ticket to growth and survival in a fiercely competitive environment.
Why us?
The face of our business – People
Well trained, well presented, competent and qualified – a knowledgeable, skilled professional who is able, trustworthy, responsible and equipped
to perform… Our people are our greatest asset.