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March 31, 2019
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April 12, 2019



1xbet – Sports betting in a new dimension

1xbet, the largest betting community in the world with more than four million customers, is a new Zanox partner with immediate effect. 1xbet is gaining more and more supporters, because the revolutionary principle is as simple as it is ingenious: The odds at 1xbet result solely from supply and demand directly between the fans, because 1xbet only provides the technical platform, so it is not a betting provider itself. Because of this, the odds at 1xbet are significantly better than those of the competition. In 85% of all Bundesliga games last season, 1xbet received higher odds than bwin (source: betchecker.com).
The ingenious 1xbet principle

You can buy and sell bets on the world’s largest betting exchange and determine the odds yourself.1x bet зеркало скачать In principle, this works like trading stocks on financial exchanges. After the final whistle, the markets will be closed and all bets will be settled immediately. The principle is very simple, it is a lot of fun and guarantees the best odds. In addition, there are unique possibilities, such as securing winnings while the game is still in progress, which no competitor offers.
How can you test 1xbet as a user?

In order to bet at 1xbet, you need a user account with which you can place your bets or to which your winnings are paid out. You really don’t have to bother about these deposits: the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, is widely licensed, and all customer funds are in secure trust accounts. Just to make the dimension of 1xbet clear: four million customers worldwide, more than seven million bets processed every day, more transactions every day than on all European financial exchanges combined.
Conversion made easy

The conversion is easy, because the new 1xbet users receive a € 20 free bet for their registration. Whoever loses gets his stake back in full. This guarantees a risk-free getting to know each other for the user. 1xbet also has a strong online advertising presence, has been a sponsor of Bayer 04 Leverkusen since 2012 and has a very prominent brand ambassador in Rudi Völler. This leads to a strong advertising pressure and high brand awareness in the relevant target group, which also benefits the affiliate partners.

Become a 1xbet affiliate partner now and benefit from simple conversion and attractive commissions!

1xbet has been involved since 1999 and is now one of the world’s leading betting providers . The focus is on sports on the British Isles, making 1xbet ideal for football betting . But also other sports are not neglected thanks to fantastic odds and a large selection.

1xbet can completely convince in almost all categories.

The first-class 1xbet sports betting app and the exciting 1xbet bookmaker bonus complete the offer and catapult the British bookmaker to one of the top positions in our comparison of betting providers.


The layout of the 1xbet website is basically very simple. So you can take a look at the current sports betting with the upper menu bar or visit the online casino, the poker or the bingo area. Directly below there are buttons with which you can reach the live area, odds boosts and other bonus promotions. You can also open the 25 sports with just one click .

On the left, however, you will find quick links to all major leagues such as the Bundesliga, the Spanish La Liga or Serie A. In addition, there are the hottest bonus promotions at a glance. Thus, after a short familiarization, you quickly feel comfortable and certainly will easily navigate through the many functions of 1xbet .

Despite the great experience, 1xbet looks fresh and modern. (Screenshot: 1xbet)


1xbet is a UK based betting company. You can see this in the young bookmaker. Because especially in sports from the island, 1xbet feels more than comfortable. You can expect a huge selection of football bets as well as a successful selection from the field of darts – only a few betting providers can compete here.

But apart from British sports, you can also expect lot and choose between a total of 25 categories . These start around boxing to motorsport to basketball and tennis and are therefore ideally suited for everybody else. In addition, the odds across the board can also convince.


1xbet flexes its muscles with cash out and offers you far more than most other betting providers with cash out . Thanks to a small symbol, you can find out which games can cash out before you place your bet. Then you can go to your open betting slip and trigger the cashout at the push of a button .

You don’t have to go all out. Because using the partial cashout you can decide to only pay out part of the possible profit. The rest of the stake remains in the race, so you still have the chance of winning – fantastic!


Live betting should of course not be missing at 1xbet . So you simply open the area for sports betting and then click on the “Live” button. You will already be given a successful overview of all current live games. You can also set filters here and limit your selection to individual sports. The largest selection is also available at 1xbet in football betting .

Regardless of the sport you choose, there are numerous types of bets available to you. So not only win bets are possible, but also bets on the range goals, corners or cards. The option to use the 1xbet bet configurator for live bets is also particularly good . Because in this way your possibilities are multiplied.


At 1xbet you can cheer for every game from the first to the last minute. Because the live betting offer is extensive and well thought out. There is a lot of tension in some of the games. Because 1xbet regularly broadcasts selected games in the live stream .

You can find out which games are broadcast by opening the respective sport and scrolling through the upcoming games. If a live stream is available, the corresponding game is then provided with a message “Watch live” . So you always know what to anticipate and certainly will plan your day properly.

1xbet is a great option with numerous types of sports and betting. (Screenshot: 1xbet)


As a British betting company, 1xbet relies primarily on King Football. a huge range of bets awaits you, which covers all major leagues in the world. In addition, you can also rely on teams from smaller leagues, so that nobody has to do without their favorite league here. In Germany, however, you can bet on all competitions from the 1st Bundesliga to the 3rd league.

The number of bet types does not need to hide either. You can choose between many categories such as goal, win or corner bets. In addition, you are offered numerous special bets that combine several types of bets. If you still can’t find your dream bet, you can simply put it together yourself using the 1xbet bet configurator .


At 1xbet you don’t have to be satisfied with the given bets. Because even if the selection is huge, you won’t always find exactly the combination you may like to have. The 1xbet betting configurator can help . You open this by first selecting a game. Then you click on the button “one-game combination” and can combine the available information with each other.

Here you have many options such as result bets, goal bets or bets on the range corners or cards. If you mark several bets that cannot be combined, you will receive a message immediately. So you don’t have to try back and forth for a long time, but can comfortably start creating your betting slip .


The sport of darts is big in the UK. And 1xbet shows his passion in terms of darts betting . In addition to large PDC events, you will also find smaller events in the betting program. So there is almost always an exciting dart bet to discover.

Once you have decided on a game, there are more than enough betting options to choose from. So you don’t necessarily have to commit yourself to a winner, you can also bet on the highest checkout, the most 180s or the range sets . This is especially helpful in tight games where the winner is difficult to predict. Together with the high odds, this results in the ideal betting platform for darts fans.


The 1xbet betting odds are a topic of conversation. Because at first glance, the payouts seem to be in the good midfield. But here you should look again. Because using the British bookmaker there is no betting tax , so you get paid the full amount. This catapults 1xbet to one of the top positions in our bookmaker comparison .

Because the payouts are on a par with Tipico & Co and tend to be therefore in the highest category. Nevertheless, the two betting providers rate some games differently, so that a comparison is worthwhile depending on the game. Speaking of reward: 1xbet offers numerous odds boosts every day , with which you can get even more out. You should definitely stop by here and not miss a increased quota .


The 1xbet betting odds are more than impressive. Nevertheless, the bookmaker from England gives you the chance of even better payouts. Because the 1xbet odds boosts promise real enthusiasm and are therefore always worth a look. You can find this by clicking on the “Odds Boosts” button in the top menu bar.

Then you can filter the increased odds with the left menu bar and limit yourself to England’s Premier League. This is also necessary. Because the range available odds is large, so you can quickly lose track of things.


In addition to a large range of bets and great odds, 1xbet has another ace up its sleeve: the German betting tax . Because these are simply not available from the British betting company. Instead, 1xbet is one of the tax free betting providers and takes over this out of pocket. You can expect a full 5% higher profits than with many competitors.

What usually has a negative impact on odds has only limited impact at 1xbet. Because the betting odds are at a very high level and play in the top league.


At 1xbet you can bet tax-free and enjoy attractive prizes. Only very few betting providers offer you the opportunity to avoid the German betting tax . But how does the gambling tax actually work?

You will find everything you need to know about betting tax in our detailed betting guide . So you know exactly what to look out for and which other non-tax betting providers you can find.

With numerous odds boosts, the 1xbet odds get even better. (Screenshot: 1xbet)


Up to € 100
5x € 20 free bets


1xbet has come up with something very special for all new customers. Because unlike most bookmakers, that you don’t get a classic deposit bonus here. Instead, the 1xbet bookmaker gives you a bonus of up to 5 free bets worth € 20 each . So you can secure yourself a sports betting bonus worth up to € 100 .

All you have to do is enter the bonus code “ZSSOBB” when registering via our bonus link and also make your first deposit. Then you have to place five single bets with a stake of 10 € each and a minimum odds of 1.50. Once you have done this, you will receive your first free bet and can place it immediately. You can then repeat the whole thing up to 4x and secure a total of 5 free bets with a total value of € 100 .


1xbet offers you a colorful selection of bonus promotions, so that even after the 1xbet bookmaker bonus it is guaranteed not to be boring. To get an overview, it is best to first click on the “Actions” button in the top menu bar. Then you can have a look around and pick up regular free bets, for example .

In addition, the ” Save your winnings” campaign ensures absolute fun. Here you have to answer questions about individual games every game day and thus predict the course of the game. You decide how much of the starting credit you want to bet over € 1 million . If all questions have been answered correctly, you can keep the remaining credit. Thus, the bonus campaign brings lot of fun and is completely free.


  1. Click on the green button “Get Bonus” or our exclusive bonus link .
  2. Register your new 1xbet sports betting account with the coupon code “ZSSOBA”.
  3. Make your first deposit.
  4. Place five single bets worth € 10 each with a minimum odds of 1.50.
  5. Get your free bet worth € 20.
  6. Repeat the process until such time you have a total of 5 free bets.
  7. Place bets and have fun.


  • The 1xbet bonus is only available to new customers residing in Germany and Austria.
  • The offer is only valid for deposits via Apple Pay, credit card, Paypal, Sofort, Paysafe or Giropay.
  • For the bonus, the bonus code “ZSSOBA” must be used when registering.
  • Place 5 single bets worth € 10 each with a minimum odds of 1.50 to receive a free bet worth € 20.
  • Only bets are valid within the first 30 days after opening an account.
  • The maximum bonus is € 100 (5 x € 20 free bets).
  • You have 7 days to complete each step (5 qualifying single bets x € 10 with a minimum odds of 1.50).
  • The minimum odds of free bets is 1.20.
  • Attention: This is only an extract from the bonus conditions. The full terms and conditions and bonus terms are available on 1xbet.com.

At 1xbet you can pick up 5 free bets worth up to € 100. (Screenshot: 1xbet)


1xbet has everything you need for the perfect sports betting experience. Properly, a sports betting app should not be missing. The 1xbet betting provider app is very successful and certainly will be installed on your iPhone as well as on your Android device . Apple users simply go to the App Store and download the smart program directly.

Android users , however, go to the 1xbet website or just drop by here . Then you have combined all the functions on your smartphone and certainly will scroll through the huge range of bets . You can also jump at the increased odds or create your own bet with the 1xbet bet configurator .


At 1xbet you can look forward to a completely new betting experience. Because at the so-called 1xbet Exchange it is not the bookmaker who sets the odds. Instead, you can offer your own odds at the 1xbet betting exchange or search for existing bets from other users.

This creates a completely new dynamic in the sports betting market and regularly guarantees exciting odds that are well above the payouts of the betting providers. 1xbet earns with every bet and collects a small commission.


The 1xbet Exchange betting exchange provides a completely new betting experience . Unfortunately, the exciting feature is not available in every country. Sports betting fans from Germany and Austria have to do without 1xbet Exchange . This is due, among other things, to the German betting tax , which makes a sustainable betting exchange impossible.


At 1xbet you can not only rely on a large selection of bets and attractive odds, but also on absolute security. The gaming licenses of the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission are usually extremely promising and are among the most respected permits for betting providers on the market.

In addition, 1xbet scores along with its reliable customer service, that will be available to you via email, live chat or telephone. Data protection is also not neglected and is ensured with modern RSA technology . This encrypts all customer data and guarantees you additional security . You can, however, make your payments with PayPal , so you won’t have any problems here either.


Few sports betting fans are likely to have avoided 1xbet so far . However, if you are one of them, you can change that in just a few steps. The best thing to do is to follow our instructions, which will guide you step by step to your very own 1xbet account .

  1. Click on the green button “Get Bonus” or our exclusive bonus link .
  2. Enter your personal information and follow the instructions at 1xbet.
  3. Place your bets and grab your first winnings.
  4. Once prompted, verify your account.

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