1xbet test September 2020: sports betting experiences

April 17, 2019
Full review and opinions of 1xbet bets in Spain
May 4, 2019

1xbet test September 2020: sports betting experiences

1xbet test September 2020: sports betting experiences

How does the betting company 1xbet compare to the competition?

1xbet can clearly hold unique in comparison to other betting providers. A good betting program, absolute reliability, above-average odds and an interesting bonus package make 1xbet a strong online bookmaker. We present the
results of our detailed 1xbet test and the details of the 1xbet offer in the following article.

About 1xbet

1xbet was founded in 1999 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray.

The founder Andrew Black had already gained experience in the stock exchange, as a professional player and also as a web designer in the 90s.

With this experience he developed the idea for 1xbet. The concept of a betting exchange was not new back then either, but 1xbet should differ in a few ways from the previously known platforms.промокод на 1хбет на сегодня при регистрации

Black tinkered with 1xbet for a few years until he finally managed to raise the start-up capital with the help of Ed Wray: The website was then launched on June 9, 2000.

Initial few years 1xbet was a pure betting exchange. Thanks to a unusual marketing strategy, success came almost immediately. Lacking the budget, Black and Wray resorted to guerrilla tactics to promote 1xbet.

The Sportsbook, which was implemented in 2013, has also enjoyed increasing user numbers since its launch. In 2016, the merger with the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power followed to form this new company Flutter Entertainment plc. This enabled synergy effects to be leveraged and the bookmaker’s offering was further expanded and given a new boost.

1xbet now has more than three million customers worldwide.

ABOUT 1XBET DETAILS Companies: Flutter Entertainment plc Headquarters: London, England Founder and establishment: Andrew Black and Edward Wray, 1999 CEO: Peter Jackson

1xbet’s sister brands

Paddy Power – was established in 1988 and is the largest stationary bookmaker in Ireland with 600 betting shops in the British Isles and the fifth largest betting shop chain in the United Kingdom.

Sportsbet – is the brand under which the Group’s Australian betting business operates.

TVG – is a provider of online horse betting and TV broadcasts of horse races in the USA. Around 42,000 races are broadcast each year.

Together the companies have around 3.9 million active online customers, plus of course the sports tippers who place their bets in the Paddy Power Shops.

This clientele is responsible for around 20 percent of sales, the rest is generated online.

There the mobile 1xbet app has now overtaken the desktop offers in their importance as a source of revenue.

1xbet Germany

Betting customers from Germany and Austria can enjoy the same high-quality and extensive sportsbook as it is published in the British Isles. 1xbet Germany also enjoys a decent user base, that will be certainly not least due to the good offer.

Is 1xbet legal in Germany?

1xbet works completely legally in Germany and certainly will also be used by German players without any problems.

Is 1xbet Reliable and Safe?

1xbet is let me make it clear a reputable online betting company and the company has been proving this for over two decades. The active use of the 1xbet betting offer by more than one million customers is also a good sign of the reliability and safety of the bookmaker.

1xbet license

The seriousness of 1xbet can also be seen in the fact that 1xbet has both a license from Malta and a license from the Gambling Commission from Great Britain.

1xbet’s strengths and weaknesses

In 2016 1xbet merged with the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power – customers have since benefited from its larger range, which can now also be found on the 1xbet website.

Modern app for smartphone and tablet, which contains all important features (Cash Out, Live Stream, Kombi Edge etc.).

The “Quickbets” in the live betting center: These are particularly short-term markets that bring even more speed to betting.

Thanks to a filter function in the Live Betting Center, the desired betting market for a sport are displayed on one page.

The combination bet insurance “Combi Edge” is already valid from 3 selections and without a bet limit and minimum odds. The return takes place in cash, not in free bets!

The costs for the German betting tax are paid out of their own pocket by 1xbet and are not passed on to customers.

Livechat support is unfortunately only available to registered 1xbet customers. No German telephone hotline.

Payment transactions are not free of charge – customers from Austria incur fees for deposits with the PayPal and credit card transfer options.

Although the betting offer and the FAQ have been translated into German, many texts on the website ( e.g. promotions) or newsletters are only available in English.

1xbet betting exchange

1xbet started as a betting exchange. In Germany, the 1xbet betting exchange is no longer represented, in this country 1xbet now only functions as a classic bookmaker.

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange is a types of marketplace on which every user could possibly offer a bet including odds. Other players can then bet on that bet. On a betting exchange, individual players can act as bookmakers themselves.

Can you use the 1xbet betting exchange in Germany?

No, in 2012 the 1xbet betting exchange Germany was closed.

How does the betting exchange work at 1xbet?

The 1xbet betting exchange is no longer available in the German market. However, it worked like a classic betting exchange that brings together private players and where private players offer unique bets and bet on betting offers from other private players.

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1xbet betting program

As you would expect from a bookmaker from the motherland of modern sports betting, the 1xbet Sportsbook is bursting with a variety of topics, above all of course with 1xbet football betting .

Football, basketball, volleyball, tennis and ice hockey, which are popular in this country, are not only supported by the usual “suspects” such as motorsport.

On the British Isles, “the daily punt” is a matter of course and is by no means as strongly focused on mass sports as it is on mainland Europe.

Of course, betting offers for sports with a British character should not be missing.

These include cricket, darts and Gaelic sports. Even the betting menu of the 1xbet Sportsbook does not need to shy away from comparison with the bookmaker competition.

How do you register with 1xbet?

To register with 1xbet, follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1: Open the 1xbet website

Go to the 1xbet homepage and click the “Register” button the header. Then the registration form opens automatically.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form

Fill out the registration form with your email address, password, security question etc. When you have given all the necessary information, click on the button “Continue with step 2/2”.

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1xbet Sports Betting

The 1xbet betting program also has a lot to offer in terms of depth, the number of events and betting markets .

Since the merger with Paddy Power, 1xbet has been using the in-house trading platform of the Irish betting company. This also helped to make the 1xbet sports betting offer more professional and qualitative.

The most important 1xbet sports bets are clearly first football, then tennis, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball and handball. In addition to these sports, the offer also includes sports such as golf, martial arts, eSports, cycling, American football and a few other sports.

1xbet experience with sports betting

1xbet is one of the best sports betting providers for a reason. Our 1xbet experience with sports betting confirms once again that 1xbet is a good candidate for unique sports betting.

The betting offer covers the most important sports and betting markets at our discretion and we are also satisfied with the live bets.

You can sometimes bet on sports that you cannot find with other betting providers, while all of the popular top sports are extensively equipped with bets.

Overall, our experiences with sports betting at 1xbet have now been really positive.

1xbet Sports Betting Review

1XBET TEST RATING Football betting 9/10 Odds 8/10 Betting more sports 9/10 Live betting offer 8/10 Live odds 8/10 eSports betting 9/10 Betting tools 9/10

How do you place a bet on 1xbet?

The quickest way to place your first 1xbet bet is to follow these instructions:

Step 1: Find the right bet

The first thing to do is look around the 1xbet website and navigate to the right bet. This can be achieved using the highlighted highlight bets or the various sports.

Step 2: Select a bet

Finally, decide on the bet. To get access to all special bets, you only have to click on the corresponding pairing, then the detailed view of the pairing with all available betting markets opens. To select a bet, click on the odds field.

Step 3: place a bet

By clicking on the odds field, the bet is transferred directly to the betting slip. Set your stake in the bet slip and then click on “Place bet” to finally place the bet.

How do I place a back bet at 1xbet?

Back bets are only common on betting exchanges. With normal bookmakers there are no back bets. Since 1xbet no longer has a betting exchange in Germany, there is no possibility of placing a back bet at 1xbet.

Football betting offer from 1xbet

Now to come to Germany’s favorite sport, football: If one should assume that international football is considered to be of secondary importance in favor of the events on English turf, then this is far , as the following excerpt from 1xbet’s football betting offer shows absent.

Anyone who tries to uncover gaps in even more depth in the betting program will also not be successful.

Not only that 1xbet accompanies every event with more than just a minimum of betting markets, the bookie can also come up with special features.

” alt=”1xbet betting offer” width=”570″ height=”472″ data-src=”https://www.wettfreunde.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/1xbet-Wettangebot.jpg” />

Screenshot of the 1xbet betting site from March 27, 2020

Germany Bundesliga bets at 1xbet

Initial and second German Bundesliga is of course part of the 1xbet betting offer. With a decent range specialty bets to choose from, 1xbet doesn’t disappoint its German customers.

Top leagues betting offer

Of course, 1xbet has all of the top soccer leagues in its betting program.

You can bet on all games in the German Bundesliga, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. For games in these leagues, 1xbet offers a range of over 100 betting markets.

1xbet betting today

On average, there are around 30,000 individual bets in 1xbet’s portfolio each and every day . These bets are spread across all sports and national markets.

1xbet tennis betting

After football, tennis follows 1xbet as one of the greatest sports by some distance. Tennis fans will not be disappointed with the betting offer at 1xbet any more than football fans. The betting width and the betting depth are exemplary in tennis bets that there is definitely nothing to complain about here.

And 1xbet is not only convincing with its offer for pre-match games, 1xbet can also shine along with its tennis live bets.

1xbet bet types and betting options

1xbet offers the full range of betting types and betting options that a betting friend could wish for. As a player, all you have to do is click on an odds field for the corresponding bet to appear in the betting slip.

You can bet on a single result as a single bet, or you can also place several tips. All selected tips appear automatically in the betting slip and here you can determine how you want to play the bets. Whether you want to place them all separately as single bets or play them as a combination or system bet.

This new one-game combination bet type at 1xbet also allows you to combine multiple bets on one and the same game.

1xbet also offers a separate quota boost section. This even enables bets to be made with exceptionally high odds. Here you can also find some long-term bets. And of course you don’t have to miss the very popular live betting among the 1xbet betting options.

1xbet football betting

Football is also the biggest and most popular sport at 1xbet. Of course, 1xbet has all the games of the major football leagues ready and also provides them with more than 100 special bets.

1xbet betting other sports

In addition to football, all other top sports are of course also represented at 1xbet.

1xbet – Other Sports:

  • tennis
  • basketball
  • ice Hockey
  • volleyball
  • Handball

You can also fall back on lesser-known and widespread sports at 1xbet. The so-called fringe sports available include surfing, bowls, Gaelic sports and dog racing. In addition, 1xbet even allows you to post tips on:

  • Who will be the “Person of the Year” at Time?
  • Who will be the Nobel Laureate?
  • Who will be the next Pope?

1xbet eSports offer

You don’t have to do without eSports betting at 1xbet. 1xbet reliably covers the most popular eSports games such as CS: GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Overwatch and their competitions, making 1xbet an interesting option for all eSports fans.

1xbet live betting offer

In the 1xbet Live betting offer, football also generally takes up the largest share. But the offer is not limited to live soccer betting . Instead, of course, it depends on the current competitions around the world. In this way, other sports can temporarily determine the live betting offer.

In general, you can find bets for all kinds of sports at 1xbet Live. However, the classic top sports are most strongly represented in live betting.

1xbet Live Betting – Top Sports:

  1. Soccer
  2. tennis
  3. ice Hockey
  4. basketball
  5. Cricket
  6. snooker
  7. horse race

1xbet also equips live bets with a decent range of special bets. With this 1xbet forms an attractive live betting offer.

1xbet live betting experiences

The 1xbet live bets enrich the general betting offer and provide an extra dose of excitement. The live bets are already highlighted on the homepage under the quick links so that they can be found easily. They are organized in their own live betting segment, so that you can fully focus on the live version of sports betting. The clear sorting according to the sports also facilitates the selection and that makes it very easy to explore all possibly interesting live bets. We are absolutely satisfied with the range live bets on offer.

But the available live betting features could not fully convince us. As far as we know, there is only one live score for the live games. In our live betting experience, at least a live ticker should also be standard. Furthermore, we lack a live betting calendar, which some other bookmakers offer.

In summary, our 1xbet live betting experience is above average, but 1xbet does not come close to the top of the best live betting providers, especially in terms of features.

1xbet Live Betting Center

The live betting center is clearly structured. All live bets have been sorted by type of sport and certainly will easily find the right live bet for you.

Odds level in live betting

The odds of the live bets are naturally also at 1xbet below the odds of the pre-match bets. For soccer matches you can expect an average live betting rate of around 91 percent.

Football leads the list of sports in terms of live betting odds. Less popular sports and competitions have lower odds in live betting.

In comparison, 1xbet has above-average live betting odds.

1xbet betting tools

1xbet 10 minute markets

The 1xbet 10 Minute Markets are one of 1xbet’s specialty bets. They denote betting options on 10 minute segments of a game. For example, what the score is after 10 minutes, after 20 minutes, or after 30 minutes, etc.

Cash out

The 1xbet betting functions also include the cash out options . Many of the 1xbet sports have a cash out option when betting. Some sports are exempt, but the most important, such as football and tennis, have this option.

Should you want to cancel a 1xbet bet, but this is no further possible, the Cash Out option may be the next best option. This allows the bet to be paid out early, before the end of the competition, in order to reduce possible losses or to secure profits.

1xbet statistics

Statistics on the matches are not widely used by the bookmaker. Here 1xbet is rather reluctant in comparison.

1xbet Live Streaming

1xbet customers can also enjoy some live streams. The offer is not particularly rich compared to other top providers, but we clearly count the existing 1xbet Live Streaming offer as a plus.

1xbet lay bets and back bets

1xbet lay bets and 1xbet back bets are betting options of a betting exchange, as previously offered by 1xbet in Germany. Today, these types of bets can no longer be found at 1xbet, as 1xbet now only offers its German customers a classic bookmaker offer.

Automatic betting

As a special feature, 1xbet has its own app directory with apps that are intended to automate the placing of bets on 1xbet for customers.
There is a whole portfolio of different apps for different sports, betting and betting strategies.

1xbet players can use these apps to automatically place bets on 1xbet predicated on certain triggers etc. and predefined rules.

1xbet Trading and Arbitrage Betting Apps

The 1xbet App Directory also contains a range trading and arbitrage betting apps.

Combi Edge

Combi Edge is a promotional offer from 1xbet that gives existing 1xbet customers security for combi bets.

In order to benefit from Combi Edge you have to place at least one 3-way combination and assign the Combi Edge option to this combination in your betting slip. With Kombi Edge you get your stake back in cash if a part of the combination bet is lost.

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1xbet betting odds

The 1xbet betting odds are between 93 and 94 percent in the upper range of the betting provider comparison. In terms of betting odds, 1xbet is basically a good choice. The betting odds of course fluctuate from sport to sport and league to league.

In the next section we explain the odds in more detail.

1xbet odds experience

In which countries can the 1xbet Boost be used?

1xbet Boost is aimed at customers from Germany and certainly will only be used by German players.

How often are 1xbet Odds Boosts available?

Under unique menu item “Odds Boost”, 1xbet presents a whole portfolio of bets every day for which an odds boost is possible. So you can use 1xbet odds boosts every day.
1xbet’s football odds naturally change from game to game. The professional leagues and the particularly popular games are equipped with the highest betting odds. As the interest in a match decreases, the quota offered also usually decreases.

With a top quota of almost 98 percent for top soccer games, 1xbet is competing for the title of bookmaker with the best odds for these games.

Germany Bundesliga betting odds

1xbet provides the games of the German Bundesliga with above-average betting odds. As a player interested in Bundesliga games, 1xbet is by no means a bad choice when it comes to betting odds.

Horse horse and racing racing at 1xbet

Horse betting used to be a big part of 1xbet. Today, however, horse races and horse betting are no further available to German customers at 1xbet.

Horse Racing Lay bets at 1xbet

For example, horse racing lay bets could be used to bet against a specific horse. However, lay bets are only available on betting exchanges. Since 1xbet has not opened its betting exchange to German customers, these bets are not feasible.

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1xbet Bonus – Experience September 2020

1xbet offers a whole bonus package with which the bookmaker wants to attract new customers as well as motivate existing customers to bet regularly. The mix and selection of different loyalty bonuses and 1xbet vouchers are quite appealing. The free bets as a new customer bonus are also a special feature among the sports betting providers. Our experiences with the 1xbet bonus offer have been consistently positive.

New Customer Bonus – 1xbet Sports Welcome Offer

The 1xbet new customer bonus gives new customers 5 free bets of 20 euros each. In order to benefit from this 1xbet betting bonus, however, you must first meet a few conditions. The first thing to do is enter the 1xbet Bonus Code “ ZSSOBA ”. Without this 1xbet offer code you will not receive the 1xbet Betting Credit.

Thereafter, five bets with at least 10 euros each are to be made. This will allocate initial free bet with a value of 20 euros. In order to get the other four free bets of 20 euros each, this betting process must be repeated four times. However, only bets with odds of at least 1.5 count.

1XBET BONUS BONUS TERMS Bonus type Free bets Bonus amount 100 euros Minimum deposit 10 Euro Minimum quota 1.5 sales 25x € 10

Do I need a 1xbet bonus Code?

Yes, in order to receive the 1xbet welcome bonus you have to enter the 1xbet bonus code “ ZSSOBA ”. 1xbet only grants the bonus after submitting this 1xbet offer code.

1xbet new customer bonus payout

The payment of the new customer bonus should only be initiated as soon as the bonus conditions are fully met. If the bonus is ready for payout at 1xbet, you can simply initiate this via the corresponding menu.

1xbet new customer bonus conditions

We have determined the conditions of the 1xbet new customer bonus in detail and have put them together in an overview here.

BONUS CONDITION DETAILS Bonus amount 5 x € 20 free bets Bonus type Free bets Maximum bonus amount 100 € Minimum bet 10 € 1xbet Bonus Code ZSSOBA Wagering requirement 25x € 10 Minimum quota 1.50

1xbet sports betting bonus for existing customers

The 1xbet Welcome Bonus is not the only bonus offer from 1xbet. 1xbet offers its existing customers a range different bonuses that reflect 1xbet’s appreciation of its customers.

Existing customers can currently look forward to the following promotions:

  • One free spin per day
  • Loyalty bonus of € 5 per week
  • Weekly free bet with a one-game combination
  • Bring back your stakes with Kombi Edge

We are not aware that a 1xbet promotional code would be required for these bonuses. The 1xbet bonuses for existing customers can instead be used without the offer code.

1xbet no deposit bonus

There is currently no 1xbet bonus without deposit, but you get the welcome bonus with a low first deposit.

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1xbet website, apps, and mobile

The 1xbet betting portal is available in different versions for all devices and both the website, the apps and the mobile website convinced us.

1xbet website experiences

The defining colors of the 1xbet website are yellow and black and the overall design is modern. The layout is well thought out so that navigation is a breeze. All important areas are present and certainly will be accessed directly.

The sport highlights are listed on the homepage and quick links in the left sidebar also allow the most important bets to be found quickly.

After all, a good website performance guarantees pleasant betting pleasure.

App experiences

Apart from the 1xbet website, the 1xbet apps offer the betting program to be used while on the go. 1xbet has developed the complete package of iOS app, 1xbet app Android and a web app. You don’t have to miss any of the desktop functions in the apps, all of the platform’s features and their full bandwidth are also available for use in the apps. The bonus can also be used via the app and payments can also be processed unconditionally via the apps.

Where can I find the 1xbet app?

The 1xbet apps can be found on the 1xbet website. The download page regarding the apps is present in the website header via a mobile Android and Apple icon.

How can I download the 1xbet app?

The 1xbet apps can be downloaded directly from the 1xbet download page.

1xbet Mobile Website Experience

1xbet’s mobile website is an image of the desktop version and includes all functionalities without restriction. Here, too, as a new user, you can easily find your way around right from the start and the layout and design are clever and appealing.

As a consequence, our 1xbet Mobile website experiences are consistently positive.

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1xbet deposit and withdrawal

1xbet deposit

There are generally no fees to be paid for 1xbet deposits , only 2.5 percent fees are charged for Paysafecard payments. Users are sure to find a suitable payment method, especially since deposits via 1xbet PayPal are possible.

1xbet payout

Should you want to withdraw money from 1xbet, this is done using the previously selected deposit method. However, the Paysafecard is excluded from this, it cannot be used to withdraw money at 1xbet, only the other payment methods can also be used to withdraw money.

Popular 1xbet payment methods

1xbet has a whole portfolio of payment methods. The most popular 1xbet payment methods are as follows.

How do I deposit at 1xbet?

After registering with 1xbet, you can make a deposit immediately. You can get to the deposit page via the menu item ”Deposit”. Then simply select the desired payment option and the deposit amount. Depending on the payment option, additional information may have to be entered. Then the deposit can finally be completed. Simply push on the “Deposit” button.

How can I withdraw from my 1xbet account?

To initiate a 1xbet payout , you simply go ( in the mobile version first click on the profile icon) on the menu item “Withdraw”. The various payout options are then available in the new window. Select the preferred method and enter the amount to be paid out to then confirm the final payment.

How do Paypal payments work at 1xbet?

1xbet Paypal payments generally work smoothly. Paypal payments are completed within a maximum of 24 hours.

1xbet minimum deposit

The minimum deposit at 1xbet depends on the payment method used. We have put them together clearly above. The minimum deposit for the 1xbet bonus is 10 euros.

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1xbet betting betting tax

All betting providers have to pay a 5% betting tax to the German tax authorities due to their German customers’ bets. The majority of bookmakers pass these costs on directly to their customers and the 5% is deducted from the stake or gross profit. 1xbet, on the other hand, clearly stands out from the competition in that 1xbet takes over the betting tax itself. Customers do not have to pay 1xbet betting tax.

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Is 1xbet legitimate? – Security & player protection

1xbet is undoubtedly a reputable betting provider. The licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission are clear signs of this. In addition, the user numbers of several million over the years confirm that 1xbet are trusted.

Video: 1xbet attaches great importance to the security regarding the player accounts – with the “2-step authentication” the Bookie enables its customers even more security (source: YouTube / 1xbet)

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1xbet Customer Service – Experience with email, live chat & phone support

The 1xbet customer service works reliably and, predicated on our 1xbet experience, answers all questions satisfactorily and at a reasonable pace.

We believe 1xbet Live Chat is the best way to get in touch. This is the quickest way to get information if you send your inquiries between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., because only then can employees be reached here.

Otherwise you can also send an email. For emails, 1xbet itself states the processing time as an average of 8 hours. That’s pretty quick.

Screenshot of the 1xbet betting site from March 27, 2020

Unfortunately there is no telephone hotline. This would strengthen our impression of 1xbet customer support.

1xbet contact options

1XBET CONTACT OPTIONS DETAILS E-mail: support.de@1xbet.com Free hotline: No Live chat: Yes, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Support in German: Yes

1xbet Twitter

In addition to a normal corporate channel (https://twitter.com/1xbet), 1xbet’s customer service department comes with its own Twitter page (https://twitter.com/1xbet cs), that will be maintained 24/7.

The only downer: the communication is of course in English.

This is what betting fans like: On Twitter, 1xbet Customer Service (1xbet CS – short for Customer Service) is not only available on request with advice, but also provides information in its tweets about the use of the website and the offers.

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1xbet FAQ

How does the 1xbet login work?

Before you can register with 1xbet, you must first register with 1xbet. We have put together a step-by-step guide for registration above. Then you just have to go to the “Login” button on the 1xbet homepage and enter the login details to register.

Can I use 1xbet in Germany?

Yes, the 1xbet offer including the 1xbet bonus is explicitly aimed at customers from Germany. There are no restrictions for German customers and the bookmaker’s portal can be used in full.

Is the 1xbet betting exchange accessible to German customers?

No, 1xbet only acts as a classic bookmaker to German players. When the betting tax was introduced in Germany in 2012, 1xbet removed its betting exchange from the German market and has not reactivated it for German players since then.

What are back and lay bets?

Back bets are bets on a specific outcome and lay bets are bets against a specific outcome. With a back bet on a win by team A, you bet that team A will win. With a lay bet that team A will win, you bet that team A will win.

Conversely, the lay bet is used to bet that team A will not win, in this case that the game will end in a draw or team a will lose.

How do I deposit at 1xbet?

There are a range different payment methods available for making a deposit at 1xbet. Paypal is certainly one of the most popular. Paypal is a quick and easy way to pay into 1xbet, but the other payment options work just as easily.

Are 1xbet’s Live Streams free?

Yes, to the best of our knowledge, 1xbet does not charge any fees for the live streams offered.

Are the 1xbet odds higher than other bookmakers?

1xbet is not always one of the bookmakers with the highest odds. But you will find extraordinarily high 1xbet odds especially at top football games, so that you can get top odds at 1xbet.

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