Exportation of agricultural products is our business, and Ghana as a country where agriculture thrives has a vast array of locally cultivated crops.
From the huge list of such products, Bluebird Ville has specialized and mastered the trade in a few of them. Be rest assured that finding any product for offer on our website implies we have the required resource, experience, capacity to export such product to any part of the world.
We are proud to continue to provide you with high quality Bluebird Ville organic farm produce. We have an extensive offering that we invite you to further explore. Whether for grains, oil crops, nuts, fruits, vegetables , Sea food, herbal products, our products provide proven, bottom-line results demanded by our precious clients.


Yellow Corn
Soya Bean

Industrial Crops

Cashew Nut – Exportation of agricultural products is our business, and Ghana as a country where agriculture thrives has a vast array of locally cultivated crops.
From the huge list of such products, Tradall Ghana Limited has specialized and mastered the trade in a few of them. Be rest assured that finding any product for offer on our website implies we have the required resource, experience, capacity to export such product to any part of the world.

Cocoa Bean
Peanut kernel
Sesame Seed
Ghana produces over 400,000MT of sesame seeds annually and is the 4th largest exporter in the world, coming behind Ethopia, India, and Sudan. It is clear from this that Tradall Ghana Limited in a position to supply our esteemed customers as much as they demand.
Though harvest season for this products commences October/November in Ghana, we are however well positioned to fulfill your orders at any time of the year. We offer 100% cleaned  raw Natural sesame seeds, packed in 50kg bags or according to buyer’s specification. All shipment from us will carry specifications as follows:
Purity – Minimum 99%
Admixture – Less than 1%
Moisture – Less than 6%
Oil content – Minimum 52%
FFA – 2% Maximum
For further enquiries on pricing, shipping & payments terms, please fill and submit the form below and we would get back to you shortly.

Palm Kernel Shell
Palm Cake
Oil Palm
Coconut Shell
Coconut Oil

Roots & Tuber

Coco Yam
Sweet Potatoes


Water Melon
African Star Apple
Sour sop
Velvet Tamarind
Tropical Almond


Black Pepper
Green Pepper
We export Fresh and Dried Split Ginger to anywhere in the world. We have a team of detailed in house inspection officers that ensure the cleaning is optimally done, and final product meets international standards.
Our specifications for dried ginger:
Specifications: Clean, No rot, No pest, Spicy flavor, Long Shelf life
Moisture: Max 10%
Oil content: Max 2%
Impurities: Less than 1%
Origin: Ghana
Type: Dried Split Ginger
Color: Natural
40kg pp white bags
Third party inspection on all shipments is available upon request
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Anise Seed
West African Basil
Negro Pepper
West African Black Pepper
Guinea Pepper/ / Alligator Pepper
African Nutmeg
Turkey berry
African locust Bean
Grains of Paradise
Pettie Belle pepper


Tiger Nut  – Tiger nuts also  is known for its high level of nutrients required for a healthy life. Rich in fiber and protein, we are  proud to be an exporter of high quality Tiger nuts from Ghana to other parts of the world.
As a competent and credible supplier of Tiger nuts, and like every other commodity we trade in, we conform strictly to buyers specification and ensure as much as we are able to ship according to buyer’s timeline irrespective of quantity required.
If you are a buyer of Tiger nuts looking to a reliable and consistent supplier, you are no doubt in the right place. We have a high level of credibility with our customers all over the world, and we look forward to growing that list of delighted customers by having you as one of them.
Kindly fill the form below to place an order for your Tiger nuts, and we would get back to you as soon as possible.

Ground Nut
Bitter Kola
Kola Nut

Medicinal Plants & Animals

Hibiscus Flower – Hibiscus Flower
For over 3 years now, we have consistently given ought-most attention to supplying high quality Dried Hibiscus Flowers. Having successfully shipped this commodity to several customers in the UK, United States, Vietnam, we believe we have what it takes to satisfy hibiscus demand any where in the world in terms of quality and quantity
Our team of in house workers, have over time developed the expertise in delivering well cleaned hibiscus flowers. Due to the track record we have sustained, we give the following specifications to our prospective customers:
1. Color: Bright Red/Dark Red
2. Very cleaned, purity 98% (and above)
3. Moisture content, range (8% – 13%)
4. Broken flowers, 5% max
5. Foreign matter (less than 0.5%)
We also supply the cut hibiscus flowers or sifting based on request.

Moringa Seeds / Moringa Seeds/Leaves
The world today is very much aware of the immense health benefits in Moringa. As some call it the tree of life, others call it the Miracle tree. These are expressions that indicate how powerful Moringa can be in boosting the body immune system, among other benefits.
Ghana today is one of the largest producers of high quality organic Moringa in Africa. That is why so many countries prefer to have their orders of Moringa seeds and powder from Ghana. This is evident in the tonnes of Moringa export processed by Ghana customs everyday.
Considering our wealth of experience having exported tonnes of Moringa products to the UK, US, and Europ, order your Moringa seeds, dried leaves, and powder from Agro Export today and get the best in terms of pricing, delivery, customer service, etc.
Package can be done according to buyer’s specification. Whether Air freight or sea freight, the choice is yours, our job is to get the order processed within whatever time schedule you have given to us.
References are available upon request.
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Griffonia Simplicifonia
Akuamma Picalima Nitida Seed
Ogbono Seed
Bitter Cola
Voacanga Seed
Garcinia Kola
Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna Kanna)
White Lotus
Blue Lotus
Bay Leaves
Bay Beans
Ox Gallstone
Sea Cucumber
Sea Horse

Borga Snail Farm

Borga Snail farm is Bluebird Ville’s snail farm with about 300,000 snail capacity  with the intention to serve both Ghana and the international market.  We currently have 40,000  snails out of which 30,000 would be ready for supplies in annually. We have the Achatina Achatina (African Giant Snail ) and the Achatina Fulica. Do not hesitate to contact us for your next snail needs.

Processed Products

Our experience in the field of production makes us one of the most comprehensive hardwood charcoal producers in Ghana. And with the help of continuous support and trust of our clients, we aim to stay at the top of the game, and humbly so. We welcome you to our site, and request you to consult with us for the best quality charcoal, and be rest assured of getting it done. We are ever ready to send one or two containers of sample order of our hardwood charcoal which is of highest quality to our protective clients.

Our hardwood charcoal is one of the best charcoal sourced from tropical rain forest in Ghana and exported to several countries as they are known to burn for longer period of time and hence are extensively used in restaurants, bakeries, barbecue and industries. We have a strong facility that allows us to offer a qualitative and quantitative array of hardwood Charcoal. In addition, our charcoal quality is excellent and has a very rich content. We produce Both Barbeque and Shisha Charcoal and as well export the charcoal chips and powder.
Features of our charcoal
No Smoking
No Dust
No Smelling
No Sparking
Longer burning time

Shea Butter  – Shea butter is produced in large quantities here in Ghana, and a lot of bulk buyers all over the world have taken advantage of our highly competitive prices. We have capacity to supply you several tonnes of this monthly without shipment delays.
With a minimum order quantity of 10kg (about 22lbs), we can supply you good quality natural shea butter free from impurities on a regular basis and attractive prices. Like with other products we supply, we take joy in the fact that customers’ orders are fulfilled promptly and can be package based on customer’s requests.
Reference to customers we have supplied, and are happy with our delivery can be made available on request. Other products we supply and you might be interested in are African black soap, Moringa seeds, Moringa leaves and powder, Fenugreek seeds, etc.
You can order your raw and unrefined shea butter from us now, by filling out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Black Soap
Cocoa Butter


Rose Wood


Bluebird Ville is one of the major suppliers of Cocoa jute Sacks in Ghana.  We supply bespoke Cocoa jute  sacks to our clients on different sizes according to Ghana COCOBOD specifications. We supply jute bag for Ground nut farmers, coffee producers, Maize farmers, bean traders. Bluebird Ville also supply jute Sacks for army, civil services, NGOs and construction companies in countries like Burkina Faso, Mali,

Gold Supplies

It is our mission to develop with our customers a worldwide network capable of providing best quality service to our customers at their door. We have established strong business relationships working closely with gold buyers and sellers in the world market. We  provide ethical business services to our clients. We are into selling of gold bars from Ghana. We are mandates to three respectable Goldmining companies in Ghana
We can supply on weekly and monthly basis and we deal with all the major refineries in Ghana. Our prices are competitive and we can do some more FOB and CIF deals now.
We need good buyers or their representatives to complete some good deals now. We also represent gold sellers from other West African countries and serve as their mandates.
If you want to deal directly with gold miners and sellers who are expects in the sales, exportation and quick delivery of products, do not hesitate to contact us. We work with community miners with large manpower spanning to over 1000 mining workers.
We are soliciting for buyers that can engage us on weekly and monthly purchases and also in improving our mining mechanism through the supply of mining equipment in the form of joint venture deals. The quality of gold is 22-24k.
Purity is from 92-95%. The shipment can be CIF or FOB depending on the prevailing circumstances.

We stand committed to our expansion plans, market leadership position, and our business excellence goals, which we will achieve by continuing to provide unparalleled customer service and the highest quality standards throughout all aspects of our operations.

Oil & Gas

Bluebird Ville is an agent to sellers mandate in Russia . We facilitate the supplies of
Crude oil
Any other

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